Summer Florals

Floral Blends

Beautiful Goodness for You!

Floral Morning -A caffeine kick without coffee!  Yerba Mate, Lemon Balm, Chamomile, Heather, Lavender, Meadowsweet Flowers, Calendula Flowers, with a touch of Stevia Leaf.  Contains Caffeine

Summer Sunshine -Relax and enjoy!  Green Rooibos, Pink Roses, Chamomile, Lavender, 100% Pure Flavorings of Orange and Strawberry. Caffeine-free

Candlelight - The essence of Romance!  Oolong Tea, Pink Rose Petals,

Hibiscus Flowers.  Contains Caffeine

*Fields of Green -So many benefits for your overall health!  Allergies? 

Pair this with local honey and you're well on your way to relief! 

Sluggish?  This is a great toner/cleanser tea that won't make you "Go" just "Giddy-Up"!  Dandelion, Plantain, Echinacea, Red Clover, Alfalfa, Oatstraw, Nettle, Spearmint, Lemongrass, Cleavers.  Caffeine-free

*Dandelion Blend -Delicious and Nutritious!  Dandelion Leaf, Plantain, Red Clover, Lemongrass, Lemon Peel, Dandelion Root.  Caffeine-free

*Fruity Hibiscus - Delicious, gorgeous color, and refreshing!  Hibiscus Flowers, Green Rooibos, Lemongrass, Orange Peel, Stevia Leaf.  Caffeine-free

*Fruity Hibiscus Iced Tea Blend -Same as original Fruity Hibiscus but with Cut Black Tea added for a bold, cold, glass of AHHHHHH! Contains Caffeine

*Customer Favorites!

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Steep, Sip, Smile!